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5 Skinny Habits has you change just one habit each week for a total of five weeks, allowing you to steadily create new food and exercise patterns for healthy weight loss, and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s crucial to not jump stages in this program. The goal is to introduce one positive habit each week. In the first week, you will make only one change. In the second week, you will continue with your first change, then add one more – and so on. It is important to make only the one change every week, and keep the rest of your routine exactly the same. I describe the habits in detail in the book and their psychology. In summary, these are the steps to changing your habits for good.

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Your first change is to replace just one meal a day with a lighter one – typically a fruit bowl, a salad, or other light options like cereal, eggs and toast.

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In addition to your Light meal, you’ll now replace your largest meal of the day with one that has only protein with vegetables. You can even have a glass of red wine with this one!

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Make your remaining meal each day a “V-Plus” Meal – the V is for veggies! Eat as you normally would (protein and healthy grains/starches), but for seconds, it’s veggies only.

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Studies show that exercise improves weight loss statistics and reduces body fat, not just weight. Exercise prevents disease and reduces stress levels. Simply add 10 minutes of cardio, just 3 times per week.

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This week is all about snacks between meals, replacing your usual snacks with water, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, or fruit between meals.

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When you are ready, you can have any snack < 120 calories between meals. It is important to wait until your 5 habits are firmly in place before having ‘Smart Exceptions’ because you want to ensure that your inner controls have been reinstated before you make responsible exceptions.

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